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Why Hire An Energy Consultant For Your Business

04.11.23 02:25 PM By Jon
Why Hire An Energy Consultant For Your Business

When it comes to running a business, there are many factors that go into making it successful. Every business is different, but the one thing they all have in common is energy consumption. Energy costs can be a large portion of your expenses as a business owner, and if you are not careful you could find yourself spending more than what is necessary. Working with a commercial energy consultant will ultimately save you bottom line dollars to reinvest in your core business.

What Does an Energy Consultant Do?

Energy consultants are responsible for helping their clients save money on their utility costs. They do so by analyzing their clients' energy usage, developing an energy plan for efficient energy use, and strategize how to purchase energy at competitive rates. During this analysis they will discover what type of energy contracts you are locked in to, and what your current energy rates are.


Finally, energy consultants can help clients evaluate new sources of renewable energy options and develop strategies that will allow them to utilize these resources better.

What to Expect Working With an Energy Consultant

The energy industry is no stranger to disruption, and the growth of renewables has created a demand for “Energy Consultants”. These professionals can help you evaluate your company’s resources and make informed decisions regarding your energy needs.


As a facility owner, you’re all too familiar with the rising costs of doing business. You can’t afford to keep paying more for energy. You need to find ways for your organization to cut costs and one of the most effective ways is to purchase energy in the competitive market with the assistance of an energy broker or energy consulting firm. A good broker/consultant should develop an energy procurement strategy that’s custom tailored to your financial and operational needs, with the primary objective of saving your business money.

Benefits of Energy Consultants Include:

Bill Auditing - An energy consultant will review and audit utility bills for any mistakes that the suppliers or utilities make. These mistakes can often cost businesses money. An energy consultant will keep a close eye on energy bills to ensure all charges are correct.


Energy Choices - There are many energy suppliers to choose from, and an energy consultant can request pricing from multiple suppliers at once. It is a competitive process that results in the lowest price and the optimal contract structure for the business. 


Identify energy efficiency projects- Not only will an energy consultant get you the best energy procurement contract, they can also identify energy savings opportunities to lower your energy consumption.


Optimize contract structure for facility's with solar PV or CHP- Facilities with renewable energy technologies such as Solar PV or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) produce their own energy and often at peak hours. It is important to consider this when procuring your energy supply.

How to Hire the Right Energy Consultant For Your Business

When you run a business, one of the most important things you will ever do is to make decisions. Some are small and insignificant while others are large and can have a real impact on the direction of your business.


This is why it’s important to have someone you can rely on to give you sound advice, specially when it comes to big decisions like choosing a reputable energy advisor for your business. 

What to Look For In an Energy Consultant:

Work with an energy consultant that has experience in your industry - Some energy consultants focus only in one sector. Whether your facility is a manufacturing or industrial facility, or a government or institutional facility, working with a good commercial energy consultant that has experience in your sector will prove beneficial. Work with an energy advisor that has expertise in each category of energy; demand (energy efficiency), supply (energy procurement), and energy generation.


Transparency and reporting- A popular question is "How do energy consultants make money?" The consulting fee can easily be shared with the business owner before an energy contract is signed. Once the energy contract starts, they should provide a report to you with a comparison of expected energy use versus actual energy use. This can help identify any reasons for a fluctuation, such as operating schedules changing, weather, or added energy intense equipment. 

When you’re looking for ways to save money in your business, it’s important to look at all of your options. With an energy consultant, you can make substantial savings on your utility costs when compared to the cost of hiring a full-time employee. If you have any questions about what we do or how we can help you save money with our services, please feel free to use the link below to schedule a call with our energy procurement team.