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First Energy PA - LED Lighting Rebate Update

For a limited time, you can receive twice the incentive dollars. For LED lighting projects submitted and approved by August 31, 2024, you can receive $0.10 per kWh saved compared to the $0.05 per kWh saved. Consider adding lighting controls to save even more energy and get an even higher rebate. 

First Energy PA - Double Solar Incentives

For a limited time, you can receive twice the incentive dollars. If you’ve been holding off on starting a solar project, now’s the time! Apply before March 29, 2024, and you can receive $0.10 per kWh displaced — that’s double the standard solar incentive of $0.05 per kWh.

New PPL Bonus Incentive Beginning Jan 1st

Beginning January 1, 2024 PPL is offering a limited time bonus incentive for all LP4 & LP5 customers. These customers can receive an additional $0.06/kWh on standard incentives for projects submitted by June 30, 2024. Measures that this bonus incentive includes is LED lighting, HVAC, Compressed Air, Chillers, VFDs, and Process Controls. For more info about this PPL rebate bonus incentive, schedule a call with A1 Energy

2023 Small Business Advantage Grant is OPEN!

This grant program is open as of August 18, 2023. Program provides grants to improve energy efficiency or reduce pollution or waste. The Small Business Advantage Grant is open to for profit business's with 100 or less full time employees. For more information, visit the DEP Advantage Grant website or contact our team at A1 Energy.

Pepco and Delmarva Retrofit Lighting Program Update

Effective June 1, 2023 the Pepco and Delmarva prescriptive rebate program will be suspending rebates on LED fixture-to-LED-fixture retrofits. This is due to the high cost of achieving kWh savings.


PPL Rebate Program Changes Coming June 1, 2023

Eligible incentive amounts will revert to the previous phase incentive levels: Lighting & Efficient Equipment: $0.05/kWh, Custom Projects: $0.06/kWh, CHP/Solar: $0.03/kWh, Direct Discount Program: $0.10/kWh. All applications submitted, in good order, by will be grandfathered in at the current incentive rates.


PPL ACT 129 Rebate Update

PPL customer's may now only participate in rebate programs designated for their rate code. Effective immediately, any customer with a rate code of residential is no longer eligible to participate in the non-residential rebate program. Contact A1 Energy with any questions regarding this new PPL rebate change.


MD Streetlight and Outdoor Lighting Efficiency Program

The FY23 Streetlight and Outdoor Lighting Efficiency (SOLE) program is now open for Maryland non-profits, state agencies, local governments and incorporated cities, public and private schools, and community colleges. Qualifying exterior lighting projects include pole mounted fixtures used for street lighting, parking lot illumination, parks, athletic fields, and other outdoor lighting systems, along with implementing certain advanced lighting controls. The application deadline is January 13, 2023. For more information about this Maryland Energy Grant, contact us today.


PPL Incentive Program Update for Solar Projects

The incentives for solar projects in PPL will be updated on December 7, 2022 to $.075/kWh and $250/peak kW. To learn more about these incentives and how a solar PV system could benefit your facility, contact our energy consultants.


NOW OPEN - PA Small Business Advantage Grant

The PA Small Business Advantage Grant, for PA based businesses with 100 or fewer full-time employees, provides 50% to 80% of eligible project costs for energy efficient or pollution prevention projects.  To learn more about this grant, contact our energy consulting team today.


PEPCO Limed Time Rebate Offer

Effective from Monday, September 5, 2022 through Friday, December 2, 2022 qualifying energy-efficient measures such as LED lighting, lighting controls, Air Compressors, etc., will receive a 10% incentive bonus.  Contact our sales team to learn more about this opportunity.


NEW Bonus Rebate for Potomac Edison EMPOWER Program

Starting today, the Potomac Edison Rebate Program is offering a $0.10 per kWh bonus in addition to the standard per fixture incentive per kWh saved.  Projects that optimize kWh savings such as advanced lighting controls qualify for this bonus rebate.  This program is effective for projects installed and submitted by December 31,2022.  Contact out energy efficiency team to learn more.


Rebate Update for PPL Direct Discount Program

Effective June 1, 2022, incentives for the PPL Direct Discount program will be increased to $0.16/kWh saved plus $250/kW saved annually.  Caps are still in place at up to 80% of the total project cost.    Contact our energy efficiency team to learn more.


Rebate Program Updates for PEPCO and Delmarva for Business

Incentive decreases will take effect on Monday, April 4th for some measures within the PEPCO and Delmarva rebate program.  To see the updated rebate incentives please check out UPDATED PEPCO and DELMARVA REBATES.  This change aims to sustain the program's incentive funding through 2023.


NEW Rebate Program for FE PA Small Business Customers

For small business customers served by any of the First Energy PA utility companies (West Penn Power, Penelec, Met-Ed, Penn Power), check out this rebate program designed just for you.  A1 Energy is an approved trade ally with this program and we'd be happy to help answer questions regarding these rebates.


A1 Energy Acquires Susquehanna Energy Advisors

A1 Energy will integrate SEAs energy procurement, market intelligence, demand side management, and billing review services into its energy services.


NOW OPEN - PA Small Business Advantage Grant

The PA Small Business Advantage Grant, for PA based businesses with 100 or fewer full-time employees, provides 50% matching grants for energy efficient or pollution prevention projects.  To learn more about this grant opportunity, contact our energy consulting team today.


CHP Rebates in Potomac Edison

 PE customers who have a consistent high thermal load may be interested in Potomac Edison's Energy Solutions for Business Program.  Facilities such as food processors, hospitals, colleges and universities, industrial and manufacturing, and hotel and casino's are best suited for the benefits of CHP.  The rebates available from Potomac Edison range from $800/kW to $2,000/kW, depending on project size.  Contact one of our energy consultants today to learn more.


Program Updates - PEPCO and Delmarva Power

Incentives for LED retrofit lighting and HVAC measures will increase effective August 23, 2021.  The increase is due to offsetting supply constraints and recent equipment and parts price increases.  To learn more about these rebate programs, contact our energy consultants.


EmPower Maryland Rebate Update

The Maryland Public Services Commission (PSC) has issued an order granting all MD utility rebate programs the ability to increase the Small Business Program Eligibility from 60 kW to 100 kW.  This change is in effect as of 7/7/2021.  Contact A1 Energy to learn more about this MD rebate program.


UPDATE for PPL Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Phase IV  of the ACT 129 PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program is now OPEN.  This program will run from June 1, 2021 through May 31, 2026.  For more details about qualifying energy efficiency projects visit the PPL Incentives Overview.  A1 Energy is an approved contractor with all PPL rebate programs.


UPDATE for PECO Energy Efficiency Solutions Rebates

The new phase of PECO business rebates is effective today.  Rebate levels have increased for some measures, and there are plenty of opportunities to capture these great incentives from PECO for your business.  Find out more > PECO rebates


First Energy PA Act 129 Update

Phase III of PA Act 129 rebate programs is ending May 2021.  Rebate applications must be submitted on or before June 30, 2021 for any project completed prior to May 31, 2021.  Phase IV rebate program is yet to be announced but stay tuned as we will release the details when they become available.


Pepco and Delmarva 2021-2023 Rebate Program Update

The rebate programs available last year for the Pepco and Delmarva Power Energy Savings for Business have been fully refunded for the 2021-2023 program cycle.


PECO Energy Exchange : A Virtual Meetup for Business Customers

Learn valuable strategies for reducing energy costs and supercharging your savings and ROI in 2021 and beyond.  You'll have the opportunity to talk with PECO energy experts and fellow business customers about your unique building operations and equipment needs.  Register for the event on December 9, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.


Duke Energy Rebate Update

Effective December 31, 2020 LED A-Lamps will no longer qualify for rebates.  Any rebate applications that include LED A-Lamps must be submitted by December 31st. 


2020 Small Business Advantage Grant Now Open

The PA DEP's Small Business Advantage Grant is open for energy efficient or pollution prevention projects.  PA small businesses with fewer than one hundred full-time equivalent employees are eligible to apply.  Call A1 Energy today to learn more about this grant opportunity.


Potomac Edison EmPOWER MD Rebate Program is Open

The Energy Solutions for Business rebate program has resumed and pre-approval is required.  Contact Us to inquire about your energy efficiency project.


COVID-19 Update for Pepco and Delmarva Power Rebate Programs

The Prescriptive, Custom, Building Tune-up, Energy Efficient Communities, and Business Instant Discounts Programs will continue to remain active on a limited basis. At this time, these programs will continue to accept new applications and process invoices.  Effective 3/30/2020, all projects not yet pre-approved will request a second sign-off from the customer giving permission for entry to their facility. The sign-off request will be sent to the customer in their Welcome Letter when the application is submitted or in the Pre-approval Letter if the project has already been submitted.  In addition, other measure such as CD guidelines must be followed and no onsite inspections will take place.


Potomac Edison (MD) Rebate Program Update

Potomac Edison is suspending all Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency programs until further notice. Please check back for updates.  This will not impact Potomac Edison customers with pre-approved applications


Important First Energy Rebate Program Update

Effective immediately, FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities are temporarily suspending all C&I Energy Efficiency programs until further notice.  This temporary suspension of the program will not impact FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities C&I customers with pre-approved applications.


Dominion Energy (VA) Non-Residential Rebate Program Has Been Suspended

For the safety of all non-residential customers, participating contractors, and all staff, new activity in the Non-Residential Programs is suspended immediately.


PECO Incentive Update for LED Tubes

Effective January 1, 2020 through May 31, 2020 rebate incentives for 4' Linear Tube (Types A, B, and C) and U-tubes are increasing from $3 to $6 per bulb.  To qualify your project or learn more about PECO rebates, contact us.


First Energy PA Incentive Update 

Effective January 1, 2020, the base incentive rate for non-prescriptive lighting projects in Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power, and West Penn Power will be reduced from $0.05 to $0.025 per kWh saved annually.


PPL Direct Discount Rebate Amount Revised

Effective December 1, 2019, the incentive amount for prescriptive measures will be reduced from $0.15/kWh to $0.13/kWh.  Any project submitted before this date will be rebated at the current $0.15/kWh rate.  Contact Us today with any project related questions.


2019 / 2020 PA Small Business Advantage Grant NOW OPEN

Pennsylvania small businesses with fewer than 100 employees are eligible to apply.  Applicants must be for-profit entities, be located in Pennsylvania, and registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State.  Eligible projects must save the applicant a minimum of $500 annually and reduce their costs by a minimum of 25%.  This is a first-come first-served program.  LED lighting retrofits can qualify for up to $6,000 in grant funding.  Contact Us to learn more and apply today.


A1 Energy's President to speak at 2019 Energypath Conference

A1 Energy President, Lori Porreca, to speak at The Sustainable Energy Fund Annual Energypath Conference.  This years Energypath Conference will focus on "Financing the Energy Future".  The conference is held at DeSales University on July 25, 2019



A1 Energy Lancaster PA energy consultant



For immediate release: May 14, 2019

Contact: Jon Porreca  jon@a1energy.com


Spooky Nook Sports Completes LED Retrofit with ZERO upfront cost

A1 Energy applies strategic financing to secure larger than expected PPL rebate for Nook Sports



Manheim, PA - The largest sports facility in the U.S., Spooky Nook Sports, continues their commitment to sustainability with the nearly complete, full facility LED retrofit project. The project will save 1.2 million kWh and was partially funded by a $239,107 PPL Electric Utilities rebate secured by A1 Energy Consultants.


Spooky Nook Sports facility spans 700,000 sq. ft and over 50 acres, which now shines a more sustainable light with newly installed LEDs. The large-scale sports facility holds ten basketball courts, six tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and is home to the national women’s USA Field Hockey team. The retrofit included changing out 3,610 lighting fixture swaps to high-efficiency LEDs.


A1 Energy was instrumental in Nook Sports securing the funds necessary to avoid all of the upfront costs for the LED Retrofit. While the energy team at Spooky Nook Sports knew they would be able to secure some rebate funds from PPL, they were pleasantly surprised by the $239,107 rebate check which was higher than expected.


"A1 Energy, together with Lapp Electric, are nearing completion of a full facility LED lighting retrofit at Spooky Nook Sports. The project not only improves light levels throughout the facility but saves over 1.2 million kWh which is 43% of the building's lighting load and decreases greenhouse gas emissions by 2.1 million lbs. Spooky Nook Sports is paying for the project out of the savings through financing that A1 Energy coordinated with NO upfront out-of-pocket capital," stated Mike Porreca, Project Manager from A1 Energy.


On April 24, 2019, PPL Electric presented Spooky Nook Sports alongside A1 Energy with their utility rebate check for $239,107. Spooky Nook Sports’ path toward sustainability and A1 Energy Consultants strategic financing abilities have led to significant savings and a positive environmental impact for the local community.



About A1 Energy

A1 Energy is a leader in energy consulting services committed to develop and deliver creative solutions to optimize energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability for all clients. We combine our in-depth industry knowledge and financial expertise to dramatically lower energy costs and meet sustainability measures for our clients. We support government agencies, industrial, and commercial clients in achieving energy efficiency through reduced demand, strategic procurement, and alternative energy sources.

Spooky Nook Sports LED rebate check presentation

A1 Energy Awarded Contractor of the Month 

For PPL Electric Utilities rebate program, A1 Energy has been awarded contractor of the month for Highest kWh Savings and Most Direct Discount Projects Submitted.  Thanks to our customers for your continued trust placed in A1 Energy!


VA Dominion Power Rebate Program Update

October 26, 2018 is the last day to submit initial assessments for applicable projects and all projects must be completely installed by December 28, 2018.


2018 Small Business Advantage Grant NOW OPEN

Pennsylvania small businesses with fewer than 100 employees are eligible to apply.  Applicants must be for-profit entities, be located in Pennsylvania, and registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State.  Eligible projects must save the applicant a minimum of $500 annually and reduce their costs by a minimum of 25%.  This is a first-come first-served program. Contact Us to learn more and apply today.


A1 Energy Named Contractor of the Year for Most Projects

A1 Energy awarded contractor of the year

Thanks to the hard working folks at CLEAResult for your patience and cooperation in handling our customer's rebate applications.


Dominion VA Power Rebate Expiring This Year

Dominion Energy's DSM III rebate program for Non-Residential Lighting Systems and Controls will be ending on December 28, 2018.  Applications for rebates will be accepted up until October 26, 2018.  For additional information contact us


Important Announcement about Dominion Energy Rebate Programs

New legislation goes into effect on July 1, 2018 and includes an adjustment in the energy demand threshold for non-residential customer exemption, reducing the current 10 MW maximum demand to 500 kW.  Thus, once the new law goes into effect, all non-residential customers with monthly demand of 500 kW or higher will no longer be eligible to participate in the rebate programs offered by Dominion Energy. Honeywell will verify customer eligibility during the Initial Assessment process, prior to any measures being installed at customer locations.  Read Important Notice for additional information.


PECO Lighting Rebate Updates

The PECO For Business Rebate Program has increased incentives for certain measures, effective as of 5/4/2018. To learn more Contact Us or visit PECO REBATES WEBSITE.


Mon Power and Potomac Edison WV Rebate Update

Mon Power and Potomac Edison’s West Virginia Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Energy Efficiency Lighting Program will end on May 31, 2018Contact Us for additional details.


Dominion VA Power Non-Residential Program Update

2018 funding is now confirmed for the Dominion Energy Virginia Non-Residential Lighting Systems & Controls Program.


Attention PPL Small to Medium Business's

Effective January 1, 2018 the PPL Direct Discount rebate will increase to 15 cents per kWh saved and remove the annual kWh limit for GS1 and GS3 PPL customers. Qualifying measures include LED Lighting, controls, compressed air, and refrigeration.  Schedule a survey to start saving in the new year!


Mon Power and Potomac Edison WV Rebate Update

Effective November 1, 2017 incentives for the Lighting for Business Program will change to 3 cents per kWh saved, down from 5 cents per kWh saved.


Dominion Virginia Power Non-Residential Rebate Program Update

Rebates for 2017 have been subscribed for the Dominion Power Non-Residential Lighting and Controls program, effective immediately. If funding becomes available and participation is re-opened, a notice will be posted the program website.


2017 DEP Small Business Advantage Grant - NOW OPEN

Open to PA small businesses with less than one hundred employees for energy efficiency and pollution prevention projects. Grant amount may cover up to 50% of project costs. To see if your project will qualify, Contact Us today. To learn more about the grant, check out PA Small Business Advantage Grant.


Incentive Increase for PPL Direct Discount Program

Effective July 1, 2017 the incentive for the PPL Direct Discount Program has increased from $0.10/kWh saved to $0.13/kWh saved. PPL small business customers customers who are in the GS-1 or GS-3 rate code and who use less than 300,000 kWh annually are eligible for this program. Qualifying measures include LED Lighting, controls, compressed air, and refrigeration.


Sustainability Project Gives F&M College Substantial Energy Cost Savings

Press Release

April 27, 2017

Contact: Lori Porreca

Sustainability Project Gives F&M College Substantial Energy Cost Savings
A1 Energy Guides Efforts That Also Dramatically Reduce Carbon Footprint

Lancaster, PA:

A1 Energy, a leading energy consulting firm based in Manheim, PA, has assisted in a sustainability project to provide Franklin & Marshall College (F&M), an institution with a230-year history of academic excellence, with substantial energy savings—with no capital spent.

The College entered into a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) project, which involved the installation of a 1.2 mW natural gas reciprocating engine, heat recovery boiler, and a 140-ton absorption chiller in its existing boiler plant on its Lancaster PA campus. F&M CHP, LLC developed,owns, and maintains the equipment and sells the electricity, steam, and cooling generated to F&M College at a discounted rate.

Commissioned in mid-2016, the project generates approximately 10,100,000 kWh of electricity, which F&M previously consumed from the PJM power grid. It reduces the existing electric cooling system output by 490,684 kWh and gives the option of having cost-effective cooling in the winter months in facilities that have requested year-round climate control. The system also produces approximately 13 million lbs/yr. of steam that is fed into the campus’s main steam loop. A1 Energy brought the concept to F&M, did the initial feasibility studies, secured subsidies for the project, and brought in F&M CHP,LLC to execute the project. A1 Energy also stayed involved with the project as a consultant, working closely with the owner of F&M CHP, LLC to coordinate efforts with the other key project partners: Borton-Lawson Engineering, Wilkes Barre PA;mechanical contractor Frey Lutz Corporation, Lancaster; and electrical contractor John E Fullerton Inc., Elizabethtown.

In addition to the energy savings, the CHP project also offers significant benefits from environmental and community standpoints. It reduces F&M College’s overall carbon footprint by nearly 2,200 tons annually. While operating in island mode, the generator is capable of supporting nearly 50 percent of the campus’s electric load during an electric outage. This will enable the College to offer a place of refuge to those in the local community during a prolonged outage.

"The CHP provides roughly 50 percent of the power we use in a year, and we will probably save about $50,000," said David Proulx, F&M's Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer.

This renewable energy project is consistent with the goals of the Lancaster City Alliance and the city’s Economic Development Revitalization department, which have supported F&M’s efforts in this project from the beginning.

For more information about the F&M CHP project, contact Perry Scheid, Director, Facilities Management, Franklin & Marshall College, at 717-358-4053. 

About A1 Energy 

Develop and deliver innovative solutions to optimize energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability for our clients. A1 Energy is a leading energy consulting firm assisting government agencies, industrial, and commercial clients achieve energy efficiency through reduced demand, strategic procurement, and alternative energy sources.

Mon Power & Potomac Edison WV Lighting Rebates Grand Re-Opening

The West VirginiaLighting for Business Program is now accepting new applications for eligible lighting equipment for commercial projects in Mon Power and Potomac Edison utility territories.


Dominion VA Power Update

The Non-Reidential Energy Audit Program has closed effective 12/24/2016. For additional information visit Dominion VA Power website.


PPL Direct Discount to reopen in 2017

Small to Medium sized PPL Electric customers may participate in the Direct Discount program starting in 2017.  Customers using 150,000 annual kWh or less may qualify for this increased incentive program.  Contact Us to learn more about this great program.


Mon Power & Potomac Edison WV Rebate Update

Effective June 14, 2016, the Lighting for Business Program has been fully committed and has stopped pre--approving new applications. For additional information please contact us.


Potomac Edison EmPOWER Maryland Rebate Update

As of June 1, 2016 funding in the Energy Solutions for Business - Prescriptive program has been committed.  This covers projects such as lighting, HVAC, food service/commercial kitchens, etc.  Please stay tuned as will will post if additional funding becomes available.


Met-Ed Enhanced Bonus Rebates

The bonus is for Government, Non-Profit, and Institutional customers in Met-Ed service territory who submit a pre-application by February 29, 2106.  For additional info, click here. 


PECO Smart Ideas Limited-Time Offer Going Fast

New pre-applications for PECO smart ideas program may qualify for an additional 20% rebate capped at $1,000.  Contact Us today to qualify your project.


Dominion VA Power EE Program Update

Effective July 13, 2015 measures for Non-Residential lighting systems and controls program has been updated.  Click HERE to see current incentive levels.


PECO Smart Ideas Program Incentive Change

Through March 2015, the program participation level has been high resulting in customers saving more $423 million dollars.  To conserve budgets the incentive levels have been reduced by 20%.  This should allow for any customer interested in energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits to take part in the program.  Contact Us to qualify your project today.


PPL E-Power Rebates Waitlisted

Funding for Phase II, which ends May 31, 2016, has been committed for all non-residential rebate programs. Effective immediately, any new pre-application for Fixed and Custom rebates for all non-residential rebate programs will be placed on a wait list.  Same goes for new participation agreements with the Direct Discount Program.  


Met-Ed Customer Bonus Extended to May 31 for Educational Facilities

Bonus rebates for K-12, university and college customers in Med-Ed have been extended till May 31.


PSE&G to invest $95 million in energy efficiency

This PSE&G program will provide participants with a combination of grants and no-interest financing , paid back by the facilities over 3-15 years, depending on the terms of the agreement.  This program benefits hospitals, multi-family units, government, and non-profit customers.


We are happy to announce we have two new employees

A1 Energy would like to welcome MaryAnn Curtin and Seth Goodhart to our team. MaryAnn and Seth will serve A1 Energy customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.


Sustainable Energy Education Workshop, January 30th

Includes a tour of Highwood USA to showcase LED demo fixtures for different applications.  This workshop will present the facts so you can determine if an LED retrofit can create value for your business. Valuable information will be presented to provide practical hands-on training and create networking opportunities.  This event is co-sponsored by A1 Energy, The Sustainable Energy Fund and the Manufacturers Resource Center. Seating is very limited. 

January 30, 2015 11:30 am – 1:00 pm(includes lunch)

Location: Highwood USA 87 Tide Road Tamaqua, PA 18252


Incentive update for PECO Smart Ideas Program

Effective January 1, 2015, incentive requirements for indoor T8 linear LED tubes now require an integrated driver and be operable through an ELECTRONIC ballast to be eligible for an incentive from PECO.


New Rebate Programs for First Energy Pennsylvania Just Announced

First Energy PA utilities now offer rebate programs for PC power management, building systems, and compressed air. To learn more visit the First Energy PA website.


PPL E-Power releases new programs

Just released, the PPL E-Power program now includes specialty programs for Municipal Energy Savings, LED Lighting, Data Centers, and Energy Culture. 


NEW Building Systems Rebate for First Energy PA Utilities

Rebates are awarded for electricity savings demonstrated to improve whole-building systems energy performance including new construction projects, renovation projects, whole buildings shell improvements or the installation of new systems.  For examples of qualifying project please click here.


NOW OPEN - PA Small Business Advantage Grant

Open to PA small businesses with less than one hundred employees for energy efficiency and pollution prevention projects. Grant amount may cover up to 50% of project costs. To see if your project will qualify, Contact Us today.


Dominion Virginia Power Energy Efficiency Program

We are now a participating contractor with the Dominion Virginia Power Energy Efficiency Program. Click here to learn more.


PA First Energy Bonus Rebate

Effective July 1, 2014 a bonus rebate will be available for commercial & industrial applications as well as government, non-profit, and institutional applications.


Changes to Potomac Edison Rebates Effective July 1st

Some measures within the Potomac Edison rebate program will change effective July 1, 2014. These measures are to include LED lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration. Contact Us to learn more and qualify your project for PE utility rebates.


PPL E-power Rebates to Change June 2014

Beginning June 1, 2014, pre-qualification will be required for all Fixed Rebate and Custom projects. A pre-qualification application must be submitted and approved before the customer purchases equipment and materials. By submitting a pre-qualification application, customers will be assured that their project qualifies for rebates and that funds are reserved before purchasing equipment.

Also effective June 1, 2014, the following installed measures will no longer be eligible for rebates:

  • CFLs
  • Standard T8s (High-performance/Reduced wattage T8s will still qualify)
  • Metal Halides
  • Induction Lighting

Contact us to qualify your energy efficiency project.


Kreider Farms Launches $2 Million Solar Project Atop Manheim Chicken Houses

Kreider Farms said Monday it will spend $2 million to install solar panels on the roofs of its four Manheim chicken houses. Set to begin this month in conjunction with Earth Day on April 22, the project is slated to be complete by mid-summer.

Kreider Farms has hired MBC Development of Schuylkill Haven and A1 Energy of Manheim to do the work.

Click here for full article.


Potomac Edison, NEW INCENTIVES

Effective March 1, 2014, the program is offering commercial customers new cash back incentives to retrofit existing fluorescent lighting with LED fixtures. Click here, for additional info.


Advantage Grant Update

The PA Small Business Advantage Grant application deadline extended until October 8, 2013. For additional details click here.


DEP Energy Efficiency, Pollution Prevention Grant

Just in, the DEP announced that the Energy Efficiency, Pollution Prevention Grant is now OPEN to PA Small Businesses. Grant deadline is September 6, 2013. Contact Us for additional details and to qualify your project.


2013 Potomac Edison Customer Workshop & Trade Ally Seminar

Potomac Edison will be conducting their annual customer workshops in Frederick, Hagerstown, and Cumberland. Join A1 Energy in attending, and learn about this years program. For additional info, and to register for the events click here.


Potomac Edsion Rebate Updates

For updates to the high-efficiency lighting incentives program for Potomac Edison, click here.


PPL Rebate Update

May 10, 2013 is the deadline for PPL Direct Discount applications and all project must be complete by May 31, 2013, for Phase 1 ACT 129 incentives. The Direct Discount Program will continue on in Phase 2 of ACT 129 effective June 1, 2013.


A1 Energy at Lightfair International

Our consultants will be attending Lightfair International and will be out of the office all day. Click here for more info about Lightfair


Penn Power and West Penn Power updates

Bonus Incentives for lighting projects extended to February 28, 2013 for Penn Power and West Penn Power customers. Contact Us for additional details.


Potomac Edison "Bonus" Incentive Update

The bonus incentive for Non-Standard Lighting and Custom applications has been extended through Jan 31.


Come see us at the Potomac Edison Energy Workshops

Join us at one of these FREE events to learn more about utility incentives and the latest energy-efficient technologies. We will also provide incentive application assistance. Workshops will be held on Tuesday Nov 13 in Frederick County, Wednesday Nov 14 in Washington County, and Thursday Nov 15 in Allegany County. Please visit www.energysavemd.com for event details.


We are happy to introduce A1 Recycle

Our new division, A1 Recycle, offers a customizable solution for your facilities universal waste. Check us out at www.a1recycle.net


A1 Energy is a PPL E-Power Direct Discount Trade Ally Contractor

For a free, no-obligation facility assessment to identify potential energy efficiency project opportunities contact us.


PPL Direct Discount approved contractor logo

PPL E-Power Bonus Incentive EXTENDED till March 31, 2013

The 20% Rebate Bonus for business customers in the GS1 and GS3 rate class who use more than 400,000 annual kWh has been extended till March 31, 2013.  Contact Us for additional details.


Industrial Energy Efficiency News from the White House

President Barack Obama issued an executive order on Aug. 30 to accelerate investments in industrial energy efficiency, including a national goal of 40 MW combined heat and power (CHP) over the next decade.

Read More


First Energy BONUS Incentive extended till 9/30/2012

For a limited time First Energy customers in Penn Power and West Penn Power may receive a bonus incentive of $0.03/kWh in addition to the current $0.05/kWh saved for qualifying projects.  To learn more contact us now.


NEW PPL E-Power Incentives

  • 20% incentive bonus to qualifying energy efficiency projects submitted through the prescriptive rebate program.
  • 15% bonus for Chamber of Commerce members when you use the Direct Discount service.
  • FREE LED Exit signs (up to 4) for qualifying customers in Clinton, Columbia, Lycoming, Montour, and Union Counties.

To learn more and verify you qualify for these NEW programs, Contact Us NOW! 


Coalition Aims to Cut Business Energy Costs

See the Article from the Frederick News-Post here


Potomac Edison Spring into Savings Energy Workshops Coming Near You!

Join representatives from Potomac Edison’s energy efficiency incentive programs on June 20, 21, and 26 as they present the details of the exciting incentive programs!  These FREE events, which will include a series of presentations, vendor exhibits, an application assistance booth and give-aways, will help you save money and start the summer efficiently.  The program will also present on new EPAct tax deductions, LED lighting updates and energy efficiency retrofits.  Continental breakfast will be available.  Register today, and learn how you can save thousands of dollars off your monthly electricity bill.
Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 8:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m. at the Hampton Inn and Suites, 1565 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD 21702
Click here to REGISTER
Thursday, June 21, 2012, 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, 100 South George Street, Cumberland, MD 21502
Click here to REGISTER
Tuesday, June 26, 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the Ramada, 1718 Underpass Way, Hagerstown, MD 21740
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First Energy BONUS Incentive extended till 7/6/2012

For a limited time First Energy customers may receive a bonus incentive of $0.03/kWh in addition to the current $0.05/kWh saved for qualifying projects.  To learn more contact us now.


Lighting 102: Energy Efficient Outdoor Area Lighting

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12:00 P.M. Noon - 1:00 P.M. Eastern

Special Guest Speaker: Lori Porreca of A1 Energy

Learn about the various outdoor lighting options available, including induction lighting, that can significantly reduce your energy costs.


A1 Energy to present at the 2012 Pennsylvania Seminars to Save Energy

First Energy customers are encouraged to visit us at the March 20th seminar in Reading, Pa and on March 22nd in York, PA.


LIMITED TIME OFFER: Take Advantage of Increased Incentives

PPL is currently offering a limited time incentive for business customers

  • T12 to T8 prescriptive retrofit incentive increased by $2 per lamp



As of July 1,2010 magnetic ballasts most commonly used for the operation of T12 lamps will no longer be produced for commercial and industrial operations.  What's next? Effective July 14, 2012, production of most T12 fluorescent lamps will be phased out.

What does this mean for me?

  • Progressively  less availability of T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts
  • Higher cost to be paid for these inefficient technologies (less supply vs. demand)


Contact Us today and learn how to upgrade your lighting system to be energy efficient



Natural gas fueled unit funded in part by a PA Green Energy Works Grant through the PA Department of Environmental Protection

On December 8, 2011, Mount Joy Wire Corporation officially commissioned the new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System with a special ribbon cutting ceremony and plant tour attended by a variety of business leaders and state and local dignitaries.

The CHP is a natural gas fueled generator that will ultimately produce as much as half the electricity needed to power the specialty wire manufacturing facility while using residual heat to help supply the facility’s steam and hot water needs. $1.3 million of the system’s $1.7 million cost was paid for by a Green Energy Works grant, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the PA DEP.

“The event was a great success, and we are excited to have the CHP up and running to help us meet increased demand for Mount Joy Wire products,” states Tom Duff, President and CEO. “We want to extend a special thank you to the people who made all of this possible, especially A1 Energy, Borton Lawson Engineering, and Northeast Energy Systems.”


Mount Joy Wire Corporation President and CEO Tom Duff (center) prepares to cut the ribbon on the company’s new CHP System, flanked by CFO Scott Badger (left) and Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry President Tom Baldridge (right).


Mount Joy wire CHP ribbon cutting

Visit our booth - Greater Philadelphia Building & Facility Maintenance Show

A1 Energy will be at the Greater Philadelphia Building & Facility Maintenance Show on November 9th & 10th at the Philadelphia Expo Center Oaks, PA. 

Click here for details and event location.


Update for new PECO applications

The PUC has approved a wait list procedure for new applications to the PECO Smart Equipment Incentives and PECO Smart Construction Incentives programs.  For more information on how this effects you contact us.


The 2011 Small Business Advantage Grant is now CLOSED


The 2011 Small Business Advantage Grant is now OPEN

Receive 50% of total project costs up to $7,500.  To see if your project qualifies and to apply for funding contact us.


A1 Energy clients awarded over $700,000 for lighting projects

State and Utility subsidies help A1 Energy secure over $700,000 in grants and rebates for it's clients in 2010. 


A1 Energy Moves Office to New Location

We are now located at 2730 Shenck Rd. Manheim, PA 17545.  Our contact information will remain the same. 


A1 Energy & Partners complete 202 kW PV System