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The production of on-site energy is the ultimate goal in securing your facility's energy security and resiliency for the future.  Solar PV is paving the way for maximum energy optimization.  Currently, large-scale buildings are poised for some of the greatest benefits of incorporating Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Energy Generation into a facility's energy portfolio including an improved carbon footprint, cost savings, energy stability, and increased facility value.

Our renewable energy consultants partner with commercial & industrial and institutional facilities to help them take advantage of generating their own solar energy on-site.  With the numerous utility rebates, federal tax credits, as well as state and local grants, the time to invest in solar energy generation is NOW.  Our Solar PV experts bring the entire facility team together from the CFO and CEO to Facility Manager and Sustainability Coordinator.

We will help your team determine if Solar PV and/or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Systems are viable options for your facility then find the right funding source and project delivery methods tailored to your needs.      
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Solar Energy Services Overview

Our renewable energy consultants can help you identify the best options for your solar project, including a detailed financial pro forma and including financing options and government subsidies. Renewable energy sources like solar PV help you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and lower your carbon emissions. This can help you meet your sustainability goals and improve your reputation with customers and investors.  If you're following in the footsteps of the increasing amount of businesses choosing solar solutions, now is the time!

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Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Overview

CHP systems can be a cost-effective way to generate electricity and heat. The initial investment in a CHP system can be high, but the system can save money in the long run by reducing energy costs. CHP systems can also help to reduce environmental impact by reducing the amount of pollution that is produced by separate systems for generating electricity and heat.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solutions allow companies to enjoy Solar PV & CHP benefits with ZERO capital required and ZERO ongoing O&M.  We help our clients leverage various financing options to get started generating energy on-site.

Work With Our Renewable Energy Consultants

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Our team will help you actualize and locate funding for your facility's best energy generation opportunities.

Solar PV Energy

Solar PV systems are the greatest measure a facility can take on the path to full energy optimization and independence.  After demand is reduced and the best energy contracts are in place, installing an on-site solar PV system is the go-to final step.  More and more buildings are realizing their solar PV potential and finding creative routes to this renewable energy source.  We help our clients achieve maximum solar PV results while taking advantage of the rebates, tax credits, and grant opportunities that are available.

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Why Companies are Choosing Solar PV

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  • To pioneer sustainability in their industry
  • To lower overhead costs
  • To improve financial stability long-term
  • To take advantage of ZERO capital costs with PPAs
  • To lower corporate carbon footprint
  • For carbon offsetting
  • Load shifting to Solar during peak hours

Solar PV Considerations

  • Rooftop real estate ownership
  • Space availability & energy needs
  • Age of building
  • Quality of roof or ground space for PV Installation
  • Finance modeling
  • Solar lease and PPA consideration
  • Maintenance, repairs, recycling, and replacement
  • Applicable grants, SRECs, and rebates
Photovoltaic system and SRECs

Our Solar Energy Services Overview

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Analysis of current building/land footprint

Comprehensive financial modeling

Proactively secure any grants and/or subsidy opportunities

Project financing options


Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems are a powerful solution for facility power generation.  They are easy to implement with other energy attributes such as Solar PV, Energy Storage, and Demand Management.  CHP systems are over 80% efficient compared to older, non-cogeneration configurations that are ~45% efficient.

CHP Benefits

  • Decreased emissions & energy costs
  • Increased energy resiliency
  • Minimizing risks from unpredictable energy pricing
  • Increased economic stability

Consider CHP for your facility if any of the following apply:

You're in a deregulated electricity market

You have access to natural gas

You want to reduce your facility's emissions

You'd like to further reduce energy costs

Your facility operates more than 5,000 annual hours

Your facility has thermal loads to consistently manage 

Work with Our CHP Team

Our CHP Team will conduct a review of your facility to see if CHP is right for you.  Work with a trusted partner on your CHP project.

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