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Develop and deliver innovative solutions to optimize energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability. A1 Energy is a leading energy consulting firm assisting government agencies, industrial, and commercial clients achieve energy efficiency through reduced demand, strategic procurement, and alternative energy sources.

Services That A1 Energy Provide:

"Project went smooth from start to finish and A1 Energy staff was easy to work with." 

John Fready, Dallastown SD

"A1 Energy is a great resource for us.  They communicate well and are quick to respond to our needs."

Randy Groff, Four Seasons Produce

"On behalf of the whole team at Atomic Scenic I want to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!!!
These lights have turned out to be just amazing! At the risk of sounding cheesy it literally is night and day 
from the lights we had in here before. The team on the floor is out of their skin ecstatic with the change. I 
can't thank you enough for the whole process working with you from start to finish. I really wish it was always 
this easy to work with vendors."

Daniel McPhilips, Atomic Design