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Considering Energy Benchmarking?

03.01.17 02:21 PM By Jon
energy benchmarking report

In the real estate industry, whether it is renting or selling, commercial or residential spaces, competition is harsh. The ability to authenticate a competitive edge is critical to success.  Today’s world equates energy efficiency with financial savings.  Lower expenses get people’s attention.   The question becomes “How do you prove and be able to market the fact that your properties are energy efficient therefore a better value?" 

The EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager allows you to measure and track the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions of your entire portfolio of buildings.   You can also use it to track water consumption.  Once you have entered all of the requested information your building will receive a ENERGY STAR score of 1-100.  A score of 75 or higher makes the building eligible for the ENERGY STAR certification.  This indicates that it performs better than at least 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide. The ENERGY STAR score accounts for differences in operating conditions, regional weather data, and other important considerations.  No matter where you see it, the ENERGY STAR label means the same thing — an energy-efficient top performer that saves money without sacrificing performance and your building can earn it!

If you are not sure yet about energy benchmarking consider:

1. Creating an account with EPA Energy Star program

Create an account….Enter the energy and water data…view results and progress.

2. Analyze the results of the benchmarking score and decide which areas to improve

You cannot manage what you do not measure.  The results can help you to create a road map to  achieve energy efficiency and the recognition of the ENERGY STAR label.

3. Attain a score of 75 or better and get it certified.

  • A building that it is eligible for Energy Star certification will have up to 35% lower operating costs.
  • ENERGY STAR certification can increase the value of your building, which means a better leasing or selling price.
  • Your buildings will have a competitive edge which will result in higher occupancy and/or a better selling price.