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Can Our Buildings Talk To Each Other?

10.26.15 03:17 PM By Jon
advanced lighting controls

In our daily lives we communicate with each other in everything we do.  Shouldn't the buildings we work and play in do the same?  Controls for lighting and HVAC have been present in buildings for years.  They provide a level of control and comfort to occupants and insight to building owners and facility operators about the buildings energy use. The IOT (internet of things) revolution is upon us, at home and at work, and we need to take full advantage of this in all our buildings.  So how do we get all our buildings to integrate with each other?  How will lighting and HVAC systems talk to each other?  How will the security system respond to sensor information about occupants? How can my building know to react to a high summer demand day to relieve the grid?  The answer is networked control solutions.  And here’s what make them so valuable.


-Easy installations mean lower costs for new buildings and retrofits

-Systems are designed to meet and comply with current building codes

-Independent control systems can be integrated into larger whole building platforms

In a commercial building, where a lot of energy is utilized every day, such a cost effective and cost saving system is essentially needed in order to manage energy costs and provide deep insights to building owners and facility managers. In such cases networked control solutions serve as the communication centerpiece between a building and its occupant’s.