A1 Recycle

Welcome to A1 Recycle, a divison of A1 Energy. Our customizable recycling program is designed to provide lamp and ballast recycling solutions to meet your facilities sustainability efforts, and to keep you in compliance with hazardous waste laws by keeping your spent lamps out of dumpsters.

As an A1 Recycle customer we will always provide you with boxes and/or fiber drums to store your spent lamps. When your boxes/drums become filled contact us and our staff will pick-up your order at your facility. It's that easy!

How A1 Recycle Works

Step One

Call Us or place an Online Order Request and A1 Recycle will provide a quote for the lamp types and quantities you have in stock.

Step Two

Our staff will arrive at your facility to pick-up your order and confirm lamp quantities. We provide boxes and drums to you at NO additional fee.

Step Three

Your order will be sent to a National Recycler and a Certificate of Recycling will be provided to you.