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A1 Recycle lamp recycling

Products Our Recycling Program Accepts

Below are examples of items that A1 Recycle accepts. Please Call Us for a recycling quote.


fluorescent lamp to be recycled

Fluorescent Lamps

Includes T12, T8, and T5 straight linear

Price per linear/ft...call for quote

CFL lamps to be recycled

U Tubes, Circular, and Compact


Includes T12 and T8 U tubes and circular lamps and compact fluorescents (CFL) including twin tube and biax lamps.

Price per lamp...call for quote

HID lamps to be recycled



Includes metal halide, high pressure sodium, and mercury vapor lamps


Price per lamp...call for quote

Other lamps that we recycle include coated fluorescent, UV, arc, germicidal, low pressure sodium, incandescent, and flood lamps.

Other items

recycling ballasts



Includes magnetic or electronic non-PCB ballasts. There will be an extra fee for all PCB containing ballasts.

Other items that can be recycled include most types of batteries and electronic office equipment.  Call for details...