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Benefits of Energy Benchmarking: A Beginner's Guide

06.15.20 01:08 PM By Jon - Comment(s)
Benefits of Energy Benchmarking: A Beginner's Guide
Energy Benchmarking is a foundational element of developing an Energy Optimization Strategy

Year End Energy Benchmarking Update

11.20.18 09:45 AM By Jon - Comment(s)
Year End Energy Benchmarking Update

It doesn't matter if the economy is boom or bust. It doesn't matter if you are renting, selling or buying and it doesn't matter if your area of interest is commercial, residential or both. The harsh truth is that the real estate game is unforgiving and you need to leverage every advantage that you ...

Considering Energy Benchmarking?

07.17.15 11:01 AM By Jon - Comment(s)

In the real estate industry, whether it is renting or selling, commercial or residential spaces, competition is harsh. The ability to authenticate a competitive edge is critical to success.  Today’s world equates energy efficiency with financial savings.  Lower expenses get people’s atten...

Energy Benchmarking Updates in PA and MD

05.07.14 04:47 PM By Jon - Comment(s)

For the City of Philadelphia, come June 30, 2014, allEnergy Star data must be submitted for reporting  year 2013. All commercial buildings greater than or  equal to 50,000 sq ft are required to report their  buildings energy and water use.  By 2015, the city  hopes to redu...